Over the years, I had the enriching experience to bear the following extra responsibilities:

Organizer of sections, working groups, reading groups

Since 2012: Co-Founder of the Biostat/Pharmastat section of ISBA

This is very much in the making: along with several great folks, I am helping the International Society of Bayesian Analysis to open a new specialized section on Biostatistics and Pharmaceutical statistics. If you are interested in being a part of it or have suggestion/questions about it, please email me!

2011-2012: Organizer of CSML weekly reading group, UCL

In this weekly reading group, we joined some members of the three statistical components of UCL's Centre for Computational Statistics and Machine Learning, to get to the heart of one of the key books of Asymptotic Statistics.

2011-2012: Organizer of the weekly working group on Computational Statistics, UCL

This working group was a weekly meeting of all the members of UCL Department of Statistical Science with an interest in computational statistics. Voluntarily very informal and thus all the more lively, the aim was to discuss our ongoing works, and to keep a close watch on the most recent developments in the field.

2010: Organizer of the Monte Carlo reading group, UBC

During my postdoc in 2010, I animated a sparse reading group on Monte Carlo methods at the University of British Columbia, joint between the Dept of Computer Science and the Dept of Statistics.

2008-2009: Leader of the Population Monte Carlo working group, SAMSI

From September 2008, I have the pleasure to lead (along with Arnaud Doucet) the Population Monte Carlo / SMC Samplers working group of SAMSI's program on SMC methods. My role consists in helping the dynamic of the group: contacting potentially interested researchers, setting up subgroups of common interests, mentioning potentially interesting connected works, etc. This comes atop of the logistic role that I also have in this working group, and which is described below for the Tracking working group.

2008-2009: Webmaster/Logistic of the Tracking working group, SAMSI

From September 2008, I am in charge of the logistic aspects of the Tracking working group of SAMSI's program on SMC methods. This consists in making sure that all the involved researchers, spread around the globe, get the information they need, and can communicate smoothly: running the website and keeping it up to date, hosting the online meetings, getting back in touch with researchers away for a while, etc.

2005-2007: Founder and Organizer of LSTA PhD Students' seminary

I am proud of having founded LSTA PhD Students' seminary (Groupe de Travail des Thésards - GTT), during year 2005-2006, and of having organized it until July 2007, when Olivier Bouaziz took the load.

This seminary is held every two weeks, and aims at allowing every PhD students from the lab to expose both their research domains as well as useful tools, in a welcoming atmosphere where everybody can interact anytime. It is also the pleasant place to invite PhD students colleagues (or recent PhDs too, we're open-minded ;-) ) from several labs and universities - and even countries ! -, in order to open both our scientific background and social network.

Long Live the GTT :) You will find there the program of past and forthcoming sessions. Do not hesitate to come and sit, or even to get in touch with the organizer, always happy to meet potential new speakers.

Organizer of workshops and conferences

2012: Scientific committee of Bayes-Pharma 2012

The Bayes 2012 workshop, taking place in Aachen, Germany, 9-10-11 May 2012, links both theoreticians and practitioners, academic and industrial Bayesian statisticians, focussing on the how Bayesian statistics can be applied in the pharmaceutical industry, from discovery to approval and beyond. The scientific committee was in charge of deciding the program finding invited speakers.

2009: SAMSI SMC Transition Workshop

As a postdoc at SAMSI, I co-organized with Pr. Arnaud Doucet, Pr. Simon Godsill, and Pr. Mike West the closing workshop of the SAMSI Sequential Monte Carlo program 9-10 November, in Durham, North Carolina, USA.

2009: Organizer and Chairman of two sessions at JSM 2009

On behalf of SAMSI, I proudly participated actively in the two following topic-contributed sessions of Joint Statistical Meeting 2009, hosted by the Section on Bayesian Statistical Science of ASA:

Elected responsibilities

Since 2005: Grand Électeur of ESIEA's class of 2005

Representative of the 250 alumni of my class of 2005 of my engineering school ESIEA.

2005-2007: Board of the Faculty of Mathematics, University Paris 6

From April 2005 to April 2007, I have been one of the four elected student members, for a two years charge, of the board of Faculty of Mathematics (UFR 929) of University Paris 6 - Pierre et Marie Curie. I have been elected along with Jean-Baptiste Aubin (replaced in 2006 by Camille Sabbah, after his leave for an Assistant Professor position), Sarah Carr, and Nicole Poussineau.

More informations about the board's activites (proceedings, rules, teaching load attributions, notice for the teaching assistants...) are available on the faculty's Intranet, that can be reached from Jussieu/Chevaleret's network.

2004-2005: Delegate of the students from Master in Statistics

During my year of Master in Statistics (then DEA) at University Paris 6, I have been elected delegate of the students, brand new role. My task was to ease communication between students, professors, and administration, in the six possible ways.

The job since perpetuated, with Julie Wong in 2005-2006 and Alexa Troël in 2006-2007, who extended their activities by organizing meetings alumni/students. To get the e-mail adress of the current students' delegate, please get in touch with Mme Lamart, the indispensable (and so precious !) secretary of the Master.


I have been a reviewer for the following journals and books:

and for the following conferences:

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