Julien CORNEBISE, PhD, Senior Researcher

Just had an idea... Dr. Julien Cornebise
Senior Resarcher
A London-Based Startup in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

E-mail: julien AT cornebise.com
Skype: julien_cornebise
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Out-of-date warning (January 2014)

I am now a Senior Researcher in a London start-up in artificial intelligence and machine learning, since November 2012.
The information below is terribly out of date. This website was last updated 18 months ago in June 2012: refreshing it needs time that I might hopefully have somewhen before 2015. Please feel free to email me to catch-up!

Current Status as of Summer 2012

I am currently an independent consultant in Statistics and Applied Mathematics, offering expertise, advices, analysis, and software coding, both on the methodological and algorithmic aspects, in Bayesian and more classical statistics. Some of my current clients include pharmaceutical statistical and bio-statistical firms.

If you want to discuss how I can help you, please contact me, I will be glad to meet. I am also pooling expertise with some great colleagues at Scry Research, a loose-knit group of (mostly US-based) applied academic and industrial statisticians.

I also pursue active academic research, as described below.

Complete CV (in PDF)

My complete CV in PDF provides more details about the following:

My expertise and current methdological research lies at the frontier of Computational (Bayesian) Statistics and Applied Probability.

My additional scientific interests: I am most curious about, or even addicted to, everything involving mathematics or computer science. Although I had to realize years ago that understanding all of the maths is way out of reach, I am eager to discover (even elementarily) as much as I can. Especially - but in no way exclusively - in:

For more about all this, you are invited to check my publications list.

Ph.D. Thesis

I have the great honor of having received the Savage Award from the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA), category Theory and Methods, for my Ph.D. work. The final result were announced at the Joint Statistical Meeting 2011.

I deposited my manuscript on March 10th, 2009, and defended my Ph.D. on June 25th, 2009.

Next place to meet me

Want to chat ? Welcome ! You can either simply e-mail or phone me, so as to meet in my office or in café - parisian cafés are excellent places to do maths, US and Canada did well too, now trying Londonian ones.

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